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Confindustria adopts IBM Cloud to drive digital transformation

Confindustria moves entire IT Infrastructure to the IBM Cloud to support scale and deliver innovative services for members
May 15, 2019

ROME, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Confindustria, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy, announced today it renewed its agreement with IBM (NYSE: IBM) and will move its entire IT infrastructure to the IBM Cloud.

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Previously hosted on-premises, Confindustria will move all of its IT workloads -- from its customer-relationship management system to its external-facing member channels -- to the IBM Cloud. This complete IT migration will help the company securely scale to meet the fluctuating demands of its members and tap into advanced technologies that can power more personalized, innovative offerings for members.

Particular focus has been given to strengthening communications and information sharing with members and optimizing content for mobile devices. For example, one immediate result of this cloud transformation was a dramatic redesign of the Association of Industrialists' web portal, which has benefitted from simplified navigation, customization of menu content by user type and social media integration.

Representing more than 150,000 manufacturing and service companies, Confindustria contributes to economic, social and civil development in Italy. It has embarked on a digital transformation journey to better support its member organizations, and assist them on their own digital transformations, providing information, education and training. IBM Cloud was selected due to its ability to provide a secured and scalable infrastructure, accommodating Confindustria's future growth as they deploy new services.

"With the choice of IBM, Confindustria has taken with conviction the road of technological enhancement of its communication tools and, in particular, the website that today is easy to use and adherent to the needs of both external users and association's members," said Vincenzo Boccia, President, Confindustria. "The digital transformation has now become a categorical imperative not only for companies but also for those who represent them in the belief that a community must feed on the sharing of content and its dissemination as the new infrastructure easily allows. In the same way, the agreement with IBM makes it possible to improve the provision of services and to increase data security and protection. Two requirements closely related to the need for reliability that the digital option requires to eliminate possible problems from the use of the Platform."

"The advanced technology available today empowers a more efficient relationship among businesses, public administration and citizens," said Enrico Cereda, President and CEO of IBM Italy. "IBM has helped Confindustria identify a hybrid cloud strategy to prepare for change, as well as better leverage its applications, processes and infrastructure on the IBM Cloud. Confindustria is looking to the future to support the modernization of the country."

Confindustria has also selected IBM Security services and technology to improve their overall security posture. IBM QRadar will help improve security event and information management, and detect fraud attempts and threats, tracking and linking events for a quick response. To provide business resilience, they have chosen an IBM Disaster Recovery service on IBM Cloud.

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About Confindustria

Confindustria is the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy, with a voluntary membership of more than 150,000 companies of all sizes, employing 5,438,513 people.

The association's activities are aimed at guaranteeing the central importance of companies, the drivers of Italy's economic, social and civil development. By representing companies and their values at institutions of all levels, Confindustria contributes to social well-being and progress, and from this standpoint guarantees increasingly diversified, efficient and modern services.

Confindustria's added value stems from its network: a headquarters in Rome, 217 local and trade associations and since 1958 a delegation in Brussels, which has seen its strategic importance grow over the years and is now a benchmark for the entire Italian economic system at the European Union.

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