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Meet IBM Consulting
By Mark Foster | Chairman, IBM Consulting
October 13, 2021

We are living in a moment when digital transformation is becoming ever deeper and more pervasive. Every organization on the planet is looking to apply technology to reinvent their business models,...

We are living in a moment when digital transformation is becoming ever deeper and more pervasive.  Every organization on the planet is looking to apply technology to reinvent their business models, ways of working and strategic platforms. Business leaders undergoing digital and business transformation must innovate faster, speed up and rethink processes, creatively deploy new technology, and accelerate outcomes.  There is a real need to identify the execution partners that can help co-create, co-execute and co-operate the broad and complex change journeys that now need to be navigated.

Our clients also aspire to run modern businesses to deliver that positive change at scale. And they have told us they want a consulting services partner that understands the stakes of this moment and will work with them to drive change – with openness, and with commitment. 

A new partner for the new rules of modern business

The planned spin-off of IBM’s managed infrastructure business to become Kyndryl gives us the opportunity to re-examine the services we offer and focus on the problems we solve best for our clients. To reflect this sharper focus, we are renaming our services business IBM Consulting.

We will be called IBM Consulting to celebrate the immense skills and passion of the over 140,000 IBM Consultants who work every day with our clients to address the central tension of modern business: the need to both relentlessly evolve, and to lead with empathy.

With this new brand, we are also re-focusing our teams, offerings, and culture around a new ethos – Accelerate Together – reflecting our commitment to deliver rapid business value while acting as a truly collaborative partner. We are simplifying our areas of focus and differentiation – Strategy, Experience, Technology and Operations – to make our huge range of capabilities easier for clients to navigate and engage with.

We are aligning our brand and strategy focus with the IBM strategy of hybrid cloud, AI and the power of the ecosystem.  We will drive real innovation through the application of technology to create ever more intelligent workflows and deeply engage with the application modernization programs that every enterprise must deliver in a world of hybrid cloud environments.

We are recommitting to our partnership with you in navigating this new landscape together, and to building on IBM’s over 110 years of heritage in pioneering technologies and applying them to transform business and industries. The innovation and technology advantage that IBM Consulting clients gain from having access to IBM Research, along with our close connection with the IBM hybrid cloud platform and AI and automation software, is unmatched.

We are the industry experts working with Verizon to reinvent the future of communications with 5G and AI solutions at the enterprise edge, or Yara to build a platform for farm and field data to advance sustainable food production. We are the hybrid cloud architects helping clients like Delta modernize their applications and increase agility and speed to market. We are the AI experts and data scientists collaborating with clients like CVS and Anthem to transform the customer and member experience with empathy. And the list goes on.

Our IBM Consulting brand is just the tip of the iceberg. Few companies have the trust, talent and ingenuity to co-create with clients and ecosystem partners to solve their greatest challenges the way that IBM can. With this much inspired and creative talent, the path forward is clear - and bright.

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