IBM Launches New Innovative Capabilities for Watson

IBM today announced innovative new capabilities for IBM Watson designed to help scale the use of AI by businesses. Developed by IBM Research, the new capabilities are designed to improve the automation of AI, provide a higher degree of precision in natural language processing, and foster greater trust in outcomes derived from AI predictions.

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To find out more about IBM's AI strategy, Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud & Data Platform, detailed the vision in his blog How IBM is Advancing AI Once Again & Why it Matters to Your Business.  

Advancing IBM Watson’s Ability to Understand the Language of Business

IBM announced new capabilities to core natural language processing (NLP) products – IBM Watson Discovery and IBM Watson Assistant – to empower businesses to deploy and scale sophisticated AI systems that leverage NLP with accuracy and efficiency, all while requiring less data and training time.


IBM continually brings new natural language processing (NLP) innovations from IBM Research to IBM Watson to help provide businesses with a high degree of precision and accuracy. In 2020, IBM commercialized advanced sentiment analysis and summarization tools from Project Debater; worked with organizations including GM Financial, Idaho Secretary of State, city of Seoul, South Korea, Royal Marsden Hospital in the UK, Burger King Brazil and many more to get information they trust on COVID-19 to citizens and employees; and partnered with Bloomberg & Intelligence Squared, the US Open, Rugby Football Union and ESPN Fantasy Football

Advancing AI Governance Capabilities to Help Build Trust and Transparency in Business Outcomes

Scaling AI, Not Risks: Removing Trust as a Barrier to AI Adoption

New data from the IBM report Scaling AI, Not Risks: Removing Trust as a Barrier to AI Adoption sheds light on the explosive growth in AI development among American companies—and the extent to which fairness, trust and explainability remain formidable barriers to widespread deployment.

AI FactSheets and Cloud Pak for Data Offer New AI Governance Tools

IBM also announced plans to commercialize IBM Research-developed ‘AI Factsheets’ in Watson Studio in Cloud Pak for Data throughout the next year. Like nutrition labels for foods or information sheets for appliances, AI Factsheets are designed to provide information about a product’s important characteristics. Standardizing and publicizing this information will help build trust in AI services across the industry.


Additionally, IBM Cloud Pak for Data also has new capabilities to provide a complete foundation for AI that can run on any cloud.

New IBM Services Help Clients Build Trustworthy AI

Trustworthy AI is about having a holistic approach to AI governance that brings together tools, solutions, practices, and people to govern AI responsibly across its lifecycle. That’s why IBM is launching IBM Services for AI at Scale, a new service offering that provides a framework, methodology, and underlying technology to guide organizations on their AI journey. 

IBM Fuels Innovation and Efficiency with AI-Powered Automation

IBM continues to build out its AI-powered automation capabilities, including the acquisition of Instana,  the launch of IBM Watson AIOps earlier this year, acquisition of WDG Automation, an expanded partnership with ServiceNow, and continued updates to IBM Cloud Pak for Automation.