IBM and Times Bridge Collaborate to Offer Comprehensive, Local Weather News and Information across India

Especially in recent years, India has experienced more than its fair share of extreme weather, from monsoons and flooding to record heat and drought. The number of weather-related deaths is staggering, and both families and businesses have seen huge economic loss. These unprecedented weather events show the crucial need for Indians to have access to timely, accurate information.

To help keep Indian audiences informed and in the know about weather news, The Weather Company, an IBM Business (Weather), and Times Bridge have joined forces. The two groups will share content, data and marketing resources for digital audiences across India on Weather and Times Bridge properties, which includes Times of India, the largest-selling English daily publication in the world. They’ve also launched The Weather Channel India on social to share the latest weather news - @weatherindia.

Visitors to Times Bridge properties will see localized forecasts and weather information from The Weather Company. In turn, Times Group will curate locally relevant articles, photos and video content on The Weather Channel app in India as well as in India (in English now, and Hindi coming soon). Local Indian audiences will see relevant content from Times Bridge along with the in-depth weather information already on The Weather Channel India. Visitors get:

  • Temperature and wind maps for the region, with satellite radar and alerts.
  • Forecasts to help with lifestyle and health decisions such as air pollution, cricket, a sweat indx and more.
  • Daily planning recommendations based on weather conditions.
  • Stories, images and videos about the top weather events of the day and weather news.

“At a macro level, the effect of climate change is perhaps one of the most pressing issues of our time. At a micro level, having an accurate forecast helps people plan their wardrobes, commutes, and crops. Building solid reporting institutions around this spectrum is critical,” says Thane Richard, Times Bridge’s Senior Director of Publishing and Creative.

Content from Times Bridge and The Weather Company are now available across Times properties and on The Weather Channel App in India and