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Grupo Piñero adopts IBM Cloud and IBM Watson to deliver innovative travel experiences

IBM hybrid cloud and AI solutions, as well as Red Hat technology, enable the group to build new digital experiences adapted to hyperconnected travelers
Dec 19, 2019

ARMONK, N.Y., Dec. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Grupo Piñero, a Spanish tourism Group, has adopted IBM Cloud (NYSE: IBM), including IBM public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, to accelerate the development of new customer-facing digital applications and modernize existing applications. As a result, Grupo Piñero will be able to improve the leisure and tourism experiences it provides to clients.

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With 27 hotel establishments in Spain and the Caribbean and an influx of tourism concentrated at different times of the year, Grupo Piñero needs to be able to efficiently manage seasonality to drive business profitability and high-quality traveler experiences.

To meet these fluctuations in demand and continuously deliver a high quality of service to its clients, Grupo Piñero is using IBM's hybrid cloud and AI solutions to create a more flexible IT infrastructure. The tourism group is transforming its IT infrastructure into a hybrid environment, spanning on-premises environments and IBM public cloud to get extra IT capacity during peak seasons and to create new cloud-native applications that use IBM Watson services and allow them to improve customer experience.

For instance, by using IBM Watson artificial intelligence and business analytics solutions on the IBM public cloud, Grupo Piñero will work with client data to better understand traveler behavior and offer guests a best-in-class service by creating new applications. 

Grupo Piñero is also adopting the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications running on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry's most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform, so it can build these new cloud-native applications once and run them anywhere – on-premises, private and public clouds from different vendors, according to their business needs.

For example, Grupo Piñero, IBM and Logicalis, an IBM Business Partner, are developing a new application that will help the tourism group better predict hotel occupancy and meet the demands of its digital savvy clients.  The application will use IBM Watson and weather data from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, to predict peaks in room occupancy. In a first pilot application, Grupo Piñero will also use IBM Watson Open Scale technology to correct biases in the data and provide explanatory information about its conclusions.

"Technology has revolutionized this industry by transforming the way of doing things and achieving experiences customization. As technology evolves and we are able to listen what our customers ask us, the more we can offer unique experiences. IBM technology helps us achieve that goal," says Grupo Piñero Chief Information Officer Mateo Ramón.

"As enterprises enter the next phase of their digital reinvention, they are rapidly turning to hybrid cloud and AI solutions to develop new experiences for their customers and drive new levels of efficiency," said Sebastian Krause, General Manager, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software Europe. "With IBM Cloud and IBM Watson, Grupo Piñero is infusing AI into its business to derive insights and extract knowledge from critical data on the cloud in order to make better business decisions."

During the last few years, Grupo Piñero boosted digitalization and data governance, investing in innovations such as digital assistants, for example, to improve customer service. By partnering with IBM, Grupo Piñero seeks to continue to drive innovation and ultimately enhance the experience for its customers.

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