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IBM Launches Advertising Accelerator with Watson

First-to-Market Advertising Solution Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Predict Creative Elements and Classify Audiences to Help Drive Optimum Engagement for Clients
Jan 7, 2020

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the launch of Advertising Accelerator with Watson, a first-to-market offering that leverages artificial  intelligence (AI) to predict the optimal combination of creative elements to help drive  high engagement and conversion for a given audience.

IBM Advertising Accelerator with Watson leverages AI to predict creative that drives better engagement and audience understanding.

The predictive solution from IBM leverages Watson to create campaigns designed to understand and engage consumers while addressing industry pain points like targeting and personalization. IBM Advertising Accelerator with Watson makes AI more accessible to advertisers, to help drive faster predictive models, enhance creative performance, audience discovery and actionable insights. The new solution continuously learns and predicts, helping advertisers to better understand the composition and preferences of their audience to inform future media strategies.

"Ad targeting enables marketers to identify core customers, who are often overserved with messages that might not  drive immediate action," said Jeremy Hlavacek, Head of Revenue, IBM Watson Advertising. "Advertising Accelerator with Watson aims to address this challenge head-on, arming clients with IBM Watson to help them better engage and understand their target audience."

IBM Advertising Accelerator with Watson empowers advertisers to stop reacting and start predicting. By enabling hyper-personalized advertising, the solution offers capabilities that can help media buyers and brands, including:

  • Anticipation: Predicts the creative elements to drive engagement
  • Segmentation: Discovers new audience segments based on message resonance to help expand a message to untapped audiences.
  • Revelation: Analyzes each campaign from a creative and audience perspective, extracting insights on the highest and lowest performing experiences.

Acknowledging the potential value that IBM Advertising Accelerator with Watson can bring advertisers, LendingTree, Potential Energy Coalition and other leading brands plan to implement the AI-enabled predictive audience solution in beta at launch.

"Matching creative iteration with audience segment is the next step in campaign optimization," said Josh Eldridge, Senior Director of Marketing, LendingTree. "LendingTree is proud to implement IBM Advertising Accelerator with Watson at launch to improve advertising effectiveness."

About IBM and Artificial Intelligence
A world leader in AI software, services, and technology for business, IBM has deployed Watson AI solutions in thousands of engagements with clients across 20 industries and 80 countries. IBM's Watson AI solutions are widely used in industries, including seven of the 10 largest automotive companies and eight of the 10 largest oil and gas companies.  

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