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MEDIAPRO Uses IBM Watson to Create Personalized Soccer Experience

LaLiga leverages new AIProclips to deliver customized soccer summaries, a first for professional soccer
Jun 25, 2020

Barcelona/Madrid. June25th, 2020. Grupo MEDIAPRO and IBM announced today that MEDIAPRO is using IBM Watson in its new service AIProclips, a pioneer artificial intelligence (AI) enriched tool that creates near real-time customized soccer summaries. The first user of AIProclips is top professional division, LaLiga, from which hundreds of games from the season have been processed.

With operations worldwide in 58 offices distributed across 36 countries, MEDIAPRO provides the creativity and technical solutions necessary to design, produce and distribute any audiovisual or multi-channel project in any corner of the globe using state-of-the-art technology.

Developed by MEDIAPRO Group´s innovation department with the support of IBM Services, AIProclips harnesses IBM Watson capabilities to create personalized soccer summaries based on match criteria such as the emotion of a play or the relevance of a goal in the 89th minute, helping the professional scorer to reduce time. By establishing set criteria, such as best plays, performance of a certain player, all the faults in a game, AIProclips´ users - a broadcaster, fan, media outlet or sponsor, will automatically receive the desired and customized clips.

The summaries even further allow users to create summaries for a single game as well as different games in a day or a complete season, and customize based on their preference, including capturing plays by a specific player ordered according to their relevance (like all his faults), or all the plays by the players with the same nationality, etc. The solution is hosted in the cloud so users can connect from anywhere, anytime, whether during or after the game.

MEDIAPRO’s innovation team jointly with the production team, gathering more than 25 years of experience processing and tagging soccer matches, and with the support of IBM AI professionals, trained the AI solution that allows AIProclips to assess more subjective aspects like recognizing how decisive a goal is in the last minute. In only seven minutes, AIProclips can generate a clip after ingesting data from the matches in real-time and applying three layers of AI algorithms. The first layer analyzes the game and cuts the content at the beginning and end of each play, applying the logic and criteria specific to a soccer game. The second layer, created with IBM Watson , provides a first relevance analysis based on player gestures, commentator voice or ambient sounds, while the third layer -designed and developed by IBM Services with machine learning- adds the context of the match as it is able to identify aspects like the a 0-1 goal in the 89th minute of a match is more relevant than a goal at the beginning of the first half, for example.

“Artificial intelligence is a great opportunity to improve current processes and introduce new products to the market like AIProclips. At MEDIAPRO we are committed to innovation and we are confident that the algorithms, trained by our experts, will help create hyper-personalized audiovisual content for each type of client,” said María Carmen Fernández, Director of Innovation and New Business of the MEDIAPRO Group.

“MEDIAPRO is continually innovating in the development of new business models based on the exploitation of data and artificial intelligence. We are delighted to collaborate with MEDIAPRO in this project that allows us to create a great value service for its clients and places the company at the forefront of technological innovation in the audiovisual industry,” said IBM Director, Telco Network Cloud Europe, Eduardo Argüeso.

AIProclips complements the standard edition of summaries and opens possibilities for television and media channels to generate the summaries most adapted to their markets and audiences.


Patricia Núñez
IBM Media Relations Spain

Josep M. Berengueras
MEDIAPRO Communications


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