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Adobe and IBM: Transforming Customer Experiences with Personalization at Scale, Powered by AI and Hybrid Cloud Innovation

By Nick Otto, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, IBM and Jason Kelley, Managing Partner, Global Strategic Partners & Ecosystem, IBM Consulting
May 21, 2024

As businesses strive to differentiate themselves in the evolving digital era and break into new markets, they're turning to the power of Generative AI to create tailored experiences at scale for their customers.

Building on more than 20 years of partnership, IBM and Adobe are delivering the guidance and technology to help clients benefit from the full value of Generative AI in marketing, content creation and brand governance. We’re doing this through a unique alliance spanning technology and consulting services, driving joint innovation through hybrid cloud infrastructure, data, applications and a multi-model Generative AI approach.

Our shared principles have led us not only to adopt each other's technology, but to extend that into co-creating new offerings that we believe will inspire our joint clients to create exceptional, tailored experiences at scale, drive innovation, and build a strong foundation for long-term success.

IBM’s CEO, Arvind Krishna captured the essence of this in his Think 2024 Keynote address, IBM’s premier annual conference – “Adobe and IBM share a combined mission of digitizing the information supply chain within the enterprise, and generative AI plays an important role helping to deliver this at scale. We’re moving from a generative AI era of experimentation to one in which the enterprise looks toward implementing AI’s benefits at scale. IBM’s partnership with Adobe is key to unlocking this next stage.”

“Across our businesses, there's so much more we can do together, but I think the ultimate test will be delivering value to our customers,” said Shantanu Narayen, Chair & CEO of Adobe, during the Keynote. “The more we're engaged with everybody in this room to ensure we are helping them achieve the right business outcomes, that's how Adobe and IBM will deliver value.”

IBM's Comes to Adobe Experience Platform

Today at THINK, IBM and Adobe announced milestones in our partnership to accelerate our clients’ AI and hybrid cloud journey. Building on Adobe’s decision last year to leverage Red Hat OpenShift for accelerating the delivery of Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) globally, together IBM and Adobe are also bringing watsonx, IBM’s AI and data platform, into Adobe Experience Platform, the centralized and connected data foundation that powers customer experience management to deliver personalization at scale.

“Every one of our customers has a very heterogeneous environment so it was critical to understand how we could get Adobe Experience Platform to work in those environments,” added Narayen. “Red Hat OpenShift was the best way and we are thrilled to partner and have AEP available through Red Hat OpenShift to support regulated industries like financial services on AWS.”

Exploring and Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant for On-Prem, Private Cloud

Adobe and IBM also announced they are exploring bringing the power of Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant to enterprises that have standardized on on-premises and private cloud environments, through the power of IBM’s watsonx AI and data platform. Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant combines the power of Generative AI with a unique understanding of the PDF format to transform how people interact with and extract value from digital documents.

IBM Consulting and Adobe Unveil AI-Powered Workflows

To support increased innovation with Adobe clients, IBM Consulting offers comprehensive capabilities across all three Adobe clouds, ensuring seamless integration and maximum value from Adobe investments. With a specialized Generative AI practice, we’re helping clients globally like Riyadh Air personalize global travel experiences. Riyadh Air will soon be able to engage with their guests at every stage of their journey, from planning their trips, booking and boarding their flights, to arrival at destinations around the world.

We also jointly announced that IBM Consulting is partnering with Adobe to modernize the content supply chains for its clients by introducing innovative workflows that leverage the power of Generative AI and Adobe Express. By delegating creative tasks to a more diverse and collaborative team, clients can anticipate a boost in productivity, with a 30% increase in project capacity and a 70% reduction in time-to-market. This transformation enables the delivery of highly personalized, brand-consistent digital assets at an unprecedented scale.

Improving Efficiency with Adobe Firefly

When brands come up with brilliant ideas, the actual production of assets can be slow and laborious due to mundane tasks. That's why at IBM, we're experimenting with Adobe Firefly to optimize our end-to-end process flow across our marketing and consulting teams, with a focus on developing trustworthy and reliable AI-powered creative and design outputs. 

IBM Consulting, also collaborates with clients to implement the content supply chain using Adobe Workfront and Firefly, improving their marketing, creative, and design processes. 

In addition to consulting on AI implementations, we're also using Adobe Firefly internally to streamline workflows. So far, we've seen promising results. By leveraging generative art, Photoshop, and Illustrator capabilities, as well as Firefly's AI functionality, we've increased our productivity 10-fold.

AI-Powered Experiences Built on Trust

Together we are raising the bar for establishing and maintaining responsible AI because we believe AI is only as good as the data on which it is trained. Both IBM and Adobe offer intellectual property indemnification for our Generative AI technology to our clients.

As trusted partners, every day our engineering, experience, and design teams are working together to deliver the next generation of AI tools to transform the way businesses connect with their customers. We're creating experiences that will leave a lasting impression, helping businesses build meaningful relationships with their customers and creating a future where every interaction feels personal, relevant and memorable.

“How do we create that exceptional customer experience? That's where we've really embraced the power of generative AI to accelerate automation, creation and delivery, and we think there is going to be massive productivity gains there,” said Narayen.

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