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Unlock Operational Excellence with IBM Instana’s Intelligent Remediation

May 21, 2024

In today's ever-changing digital landscape, IT operations face an unprecedented challenge: the sheer volume and complexity of application data. Traditional human analysis alone is insufficient to keep up with the dynamic nature of cloud-native environments. By 2028, an estimated 1 billion new logical applications will be created.[1] To help combat this challenge, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to process vast amounts of data in real time. IBM Instana Observability is helping to drive this AI movement - leveraging machine learning (ML) to streamline monitoring and troubleshooting of application performance. With extensive experience in harnessing ML, Instana has continually evolved its platform to meet the dynamic needs of today's modern, cloud-native applications.

Empower IT Teams

To effectively monitor and manage complex environments, Instana harnesses actionable intelligence, translating insights into tangible actions designed to enhance end-user satisfaction. Instana’s intelligent actions capabilities are centered around four key features, each designed to empower IT teams: 

  • Summarization: In the midst of a crisis, clarity is paramount. Instana condenses complex incidents into easily digestible summaries, allowing IT teams to swiftly understand pressing issues. By distilling intricate technical details into a concise view, IT operation teams are positioned to engage and prioritize their response to minimize downtime and optimize efficiency.
  • Diagnosis: Leveraging advanced AI protocols, Instana analyzes a multitude of data sources including call data, topology, events, and metrics. This comprehensive analytical approach is engineered to enable Instana to pinpoint the probable cause of incidents with accuracy. By diving deep into the intricacies of the IT environment, Instana empowers teams to not only identify the source of problems but also to understand the underlying factors contributing to them, facilitating more effective and lasing solutions. 

Incident investigation with Instana

  • Prescription: Drawing upon its vast repository of knowledge and context, Instana provides recommendations on how to address identified issues efficiently and effectively. By offering tailored prescriptions that align with best practices and organizational objectives,  IT teams can navigate the path to resolution, with a focus on saving time and resources while minimizing disruption.
  • Automation: Instana streamlines incident resolution by automating remediation actions based on predefined policies or user-defined thresholds. By addressing the need for manual intervention and executing predefined actions with speed and precision, Instana enables IT teams to respond to incidents swiftly and decisively, clients report reducing downtime and enhancing overall system reliability. With intelligent remediation, IT operations are not just reactive but proactive, paving the way for a future where disruptions are anticipated and addressed before they can have an impact.

Unveiling Instana’s Intelligent Remediation

Today, we invite you to take advantage of a paradigm shift in this space, as Instana introduces intelligent remediation: a feature powered by Built on a foundation of real-time granularity and high-fidelity data, Instana’s intelligent remediation is designed to deliver actionable insights that your IT teams can leverage to enhance application performance and preemptively resolve issues before they have a chance to impact customers. Leveraging continuous discovery, change detection, full-stack dependency mapping, and anomaly detection forautomated incident resolution, Instana is engineered to not only empower teams to not just react but also to stay ahead of possible disruptions, to drive operational efficiency and reliability.  

Imagine a world where teams can focus on strategic initiatives and innovation rather than constantly firefighting. With intelligent remediation, this vision can come into focus. By automating incident remediation, valuable DevOps, SRE, and Developer resources are freed up. This allows teams to concentrate on driving business value and delivering exceptional customer experiences, with a potential to help decrease developer troubleshooting time by up to 90% over a three year period according to an IBM commissioned study [2]. Instana's AI-infused decision-making process supports fast incident resolution, real-time insights to improve application performance and health, and the ability to take preemptive actions based on predictive insights derived from historical data and current trends.

In an era where downtime can cost enterprises up to $250k per hour on average[3], while also having severe reputational repercussions, intelligent remediation can drive innovation and reliability. Harnessing the power of AI and real-time data analytics, Instana is designed to helpIT operations proactively address incidents, minimize downtime, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.  In an IBM-commissioned TEI report, insights from a composite organization showcased Instana's potential for a 60% reduction in incidents and a 70% decrease in mean time to repair over three years, emphasizing its ability to enhance operational efficiency.[4]

Stay tuned for the official releases of intelligent remediation, generally available on June 25th, and embark on a new era of IT operations excellence. Sign up here for the Private Preview.


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