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IBM Mono2Micro: Three Things You Need to Know

Today at THINK, IBM is introducing a new capability in WebSphere Hybrid Edition that enables enterprises to optimize and modernize their applications and workloads to run in hybrid cloud environments on Red Hat OpenShift. IBM Mono2Micro is one of the latest AI innovations developed by IBM Research to be commercialized and is designed to help simplify how enterprises modernize and migrate to the cloud.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. What does it mean to refactor and modernize an application for hybrid cloud?

Refactoring an application in order to modernize and move it to the cloud requires restructuring existing code without changing its external behavior and semantics. To date, this is usually done manually and is expensive, time-consuming, and very error-prone.

2. What is IBM Mono2Micro and how does it work?

Like its name, IBM Mono2Micro is an innovative tool that uses AI to simplify how enterprises adapt monolithic legacy applications into microservices to run anywhere on the hybrid cloud. IBM Mono2Micro uses novel AI techniques developed by IBM Research – including machine learning – to analyze large enterprise Java applications. The analysis produces two alternative refactoring options for an application, which can be explored in graphs and reports for transparency and explainability. IBM Mono2Micro produces code to help deploy the application as microservices with minimal rewriting necessary.

3. How will this help enterprises?

As IT complexity grows with increased adoption of hybrid cloud, enterprises are looking to bring in the power of AI to transform how they develop, deploy and operate their IT. A significant challenge that CIOs face is that many of their core applications were written for an on-premises world and they can have hundreds to thousands of legacy applications that need to be modernized and moved to the cloud.

IBM Mono2Micro is available now in WebSphere Hybrid Edition. It’s the latest example of a cutting-edge IBM Research innovation that uses AI to transform how companies develop, deploy and operate their IT across any hybrid cloud environment using Red Hat OpenShift. This builds on the success of IBM’s organic R&D with innovations like IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps to help enterprises apply AI to the full scope of their IT estates.