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Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE: The Ecosystem of Choice for Hybrid Cloud
By Suchitra Joshi |
September 17, 2020

Enterprise clients are under more pressure than ever to modernize their IT by migrating applications and workloads to the hybrid cloud. The drive toward digital transformation is urgent for...

Enterprise clients are under more pressure than ever to modernize their IT by migrating applications and workloads to the hybrid cloud. The drive toward digital transformation is urgent for companies seeking to sustain competitiveness and growth in a time of unprecedented market upheaval. But how can enterprises protect their investment of time and resources in IT?

LinuxONE and IBM Z anticipate and respond to enterprise digital transformation demands by partnering with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who offer pre-built applications that can accelerate a client’s transformation journey. ISV ecosystems—in tandem with a company’s own developers—can maximize a client’s resources while minimizing disruption during the migration to hybrid cloud. ISVs’ well-supported, industry-standard solutions running on LinuxONE and IBM Z can fast-track a client’s ability to run mission-critical applications in the hybrid cloud, taking the enterprise to next-level data privacy, security, resiliency and scalability.

Suchitra Joshi

IBM provides ISVs with a range of tools and resources, such as the LinuxONE Community Cloud, to help them get started. Here are some examples of leading ISV solutions optimized for IBM Z and LinuxONE:

Banking and Financial Services

  • Temenos® Transact on IBM Z and LinuxONE enables financial institutions to modernize core operations to increase efficiency, improve customer service and respond faster to evolving market opportunities—all while remaining compliant with new and existing regulatory demands.
  •  Intellect Design Core on IBM Z and LinuxONE helps financial institutions reimagine comprehensive contextual banking.
  • Technisys® on IBM Z and LinuxONE provides a next-gen digital banking platform that enables financial institutions to develop new and innovative offerings.
  • Zafin® and SunTec® on IBM Z and LinuxONE enable banks to deliver personalized customer experiences with relationship-based real-time pricing, offering and billing strategies.
  • Fiorano® on IBM Z and LinuxONE delivers an API-centric hybrid integration platform for open banking.

High-Performance Data Serving

  • MongoDB® on IBM Z and LinuxONE is a NoSQL database that supports the high-performance data serving needs of enterprise businesses with better consistency and scalability, and reduced overhead.
  • FUJITSU® Enterprise Postgres is an open source relational database optimized for IBM Z and LinuxONE that delivers enterprise-ready requirements for security, hybrid transactional/analytic workloads, and high availability for mission-critical databases.

Enterprise Software Development

  • GitLab on IBM LinuxONE delivers an open source single application DevOps platform while addressing security and compliance issues.

IBM is working to expand our Linux on Z ecosystem even further. We work one-on-one with ISVs on development strategy, and to help them port and test their applications on Linux on Z.

We also facilitate the containerization of ISV applications to run on Red Hat OpenShift. We recently announced the launch of Red Hat® Marketplace, an open cloud marketplace for enterprise customers to discover, try, purchase, deploy and manage certified container-based software across public, private, cloud and on-premises environments. In addition, we encourage ISVs to utilize IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services and port their applications to the IBM Cloud.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, privacy laws such as the GDPR are mandating that data remain totally secure, whether at rest or in transit. Meanwhile, new open (or public) APIs are placing increasing demands on core systems in financial services and other industries—requiring IT systems to operate even faster to maintain the response times customers expect.

To manage these challenges, clients are relying on the encryption, security and reliability strengths of IBM Z. That’s why we’re excited about the future for the IBM Z/LinuxONE/ISV ecosystem, its deployment on the hybrid cloud and the differentiated value that it delivers to our new and existing clients.

Suchitra Joshi is the Manager of  Go-To-Market for Linux on Z and LinuxONE ISV Ecosystem.

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