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New milestone for IBM-AWS partnership makes it easier for clients in the UK, Germany, France, and Denmark to buy IBM software on the AWS Marketplace

By David La Rose | GM, IBM Ecosystem, Sell
February 08, 2024

IBM’s hybrid and open approach extends through the purchase cycle and allows customers to leverage AWS consumption commitments in UK, Germany, France and Denmark.

Just over a year ago, IBM launched a program that enables IBM channel partners in the U.S. to resell IBM Software on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. We are pleased to announce we are now bringing this program to select countries in EMEA to scale the strong adoption we’ve seen with our partners helping clients access the software they need while leveraging the purchasing platform they prefer. IBM’s hybrid and open approach extends through the purchase cycle and allows customers to leverage AWS consumption commitments.

Clients working with IBM partners are able to drive better efficiency through the AWS Marketplace procurement process and they’re getting up and running with the help of their favorite partners faster. Meanwhile, IBM partners are benefitting from access to a new client base, accelerating deal cycles, and removing friction from the sales process. With a growing SaaS portfolio of IBM software on the AWS Marketplace, we’re giving clients more choice than ever.

“SoftwareOne, a Platinum IBM partner, has deep expertise in cloud solutions, especially in navigating our clients through the complexities of cloud consumption and commitments,” said Tony Albanese, Director of Alliances, SoftwareOne. “The ability for SoftwareOne customers to purchase IBM solutions through the AWS marketplace supports our model of providing our customers the best experience possible and enabling them to maximize the value of technology.  It allows our customers a choice in acquiring software while still benefiting from the value SoftwareOne provides as an IBM partner.”

Given the positive response from partners and clients, IBM is now extending the program to the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Denmark. This is particularly exciting because with this initiative we’re creating a terrific opportunity for members of the IBM Ecosystem to work alongside one another, unlocking collaboration between a hyperscaler, resellers and IBM – all for the benefit of clients. And it creates additional opportunities for partners to support clients along their hybrid cloud and AI journeys, leading to new routes for growth for partners operating in the US and EMEA.

“This is great news as we see more and more clients deploying their solutions on the AWS marketplace and now, we are able to address the client challenges with flexible commercial business models with state-of-the-art technology within AI and hybrid cloud from IBM,” said Kim Hiort Nielsen, VP Data & Analytics Pedab Group, Denmark.

Supporting partners and clients where they are, however they want to transact, is IBM’s priority and we will continue to find ways to foster collaboration and make it easier to do business with us. Based on partner and client demand, we expect the program to continue expanding to other countries in EMEA and beyond in the future.

To learn more about the program, please reach out to your IBM sales representative or local partner for more information. Read our blog on the US launch here.


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