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IBM and The Weather Company Deliver New AI-Driven Decision-Making Tools
August 31, 2018
The redesigned Weather Channel app, packed with IBM technology, delivers faster, more accurate forecasts.

New Weather App Launch is the Latest in Advanced Forecasting at Your Fingertips Every day, the weather impacts us all -- sometimes in ways we're not even aware of. The weather impacts what we buy....

New Weather App Launch is the Latest in Advanced Forecasting at Your Fingertips
Every day, the weather impacts us all -- sometimes in ways we're not even aware of.
The weather impacts what we buy. It impacts our travel plans. And, it even impacts the safety of our loved ones.
IBM's analytical systems pull in 162 individual forecast models, and we deliver 26 billion forecasts a day. And now, with the launch of an all-new version of The Weather Channel App, people everywhere have the same industry-grade technology in the palm of their hands.

Weather is the most significant external swing factor in business performance. In the US alone, the weather is responsible for nearly half a trillion dollars in economic impact each year.
By providing insights based on more location and weather data than many—if not all—other companies in the world, The Weather Company creates products and tools that help people get ahead of the weather.
Our technology, experts, and scientists help extract the signal from the noise to go beyond the forecast and help businesses make critical decisions. Since IBM and The Weather Company came together three years ago, we have created the world’s most advanced forecasting engine—an IoT, machine learning platform that learns "on the fly" from billions of data points to make accurate predictions of the future weather. 

A few facts:
- We offer the most precise, personalized and actionable weather data and insights to millions of consumers and more than 3,500 businesses. 
- We deliver about 26 billion forecasts a day, covering 2.2 billion locations around the globe every 15 minutes.
- Our data platform is one of the largest IoT platforms in the world, processing 400 terabytes of data every single day from a variety of worldwide sources.
People everywhere rely on technology from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, to run their businesses smarter and more efficiently. Here's more on what you should know about the new app and how IBM is helping businesses be prepared for, and make the most of, the weather. 
AI-driven forecasts

You may not realize it at first glance, but The Weather Channel app's new look packs an impressive array of tech and features: 

- A new AI-powered data graph and homepage so you can make better decisions about your routine
- Personalized highlights that illustrate everything you need to know about weather conditions
- Real-time alerts that surface any major changes in weather that will impact your day
A more intuitive visual display that makes it easy to understand what weather means for you
- AI that is trained on local data—rather than the cloud—to better protect user privacy
Weather’s impact on retail
People can't control the weather, but they use weather insights to anticipate its impact on their personal and professional lives. 
Take retail. With the help of IBM, two leading ice cream brands used complex weather analysis to serve relevant messaging to consumers. The result? The brand saw a 26% increase in sales and a 35% reduction in media buying waste.
It should come as no surprise that 87% of retail executives believe that using improved weather insights can lead to growth, according to a recent IBM study.
A better way to travel
Every day, every hour, every minute, aviation companies use The Weather Company's real-time data to combat weather-induced flight delays.
That same data drives a number of new features in the updated version of The Weather Channel App.
The Weather Channel team's updated app features better insights, advanced alert functionality, and more personalization. So when tourists set forth for their next adventure, they won't just be getting there safely and on time. They'll be smarter -- and packed accordingly.
Stay smart during flu season
A sudden drop in temperature can be all it takes for a child's immune system to give way during allergy, cold, and flu season. 
The Weather Channel newly-redesigned app utilizes in-depth hyper-local weather data to help people better understand their surroundings. The Pollen Index, the Allergy Tracker, Mold Index, Next Day Outlook as well as an Interactive Indoor Allergy Meter can all help people track potential irritants that may worsen conditions, while the Cold and Flu Tracker identifies contagious cold and flu activity nearby near you.
It's a set of easy-to-use tools that can help parents monitor their child's health when they need to most.
Cleaner air
Air pollution may not always be on the top of people's minds, but it's a phenomenon with deadly consequences: A 2016 study by the World Health Organization found that air pollution had accounted for roughly 3 million deaths worldwide.
It's why The Weather Company uses real-time data to track air pollution and delivers air quality updates via The Weather Channel app when things take a turn for the worse. It's a powerful tool for states plagued by wildfires, and can help keep people worldwide be safer, smarter, and more aware of the air they breathe.
The bottom line: smarter insights, smarter businesses

The world's largest brands across industries rely on strategic insights from The Weather Company. With the latest release of The Weather Channel's app, they are now equipped with better tools to get ahead of the weather and make more accurate decisions.

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