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A New Era of the Smart Enterprise

By Mahmoud Nagshineh

In 2014, Apple and IBM formed a partnership to empower the enterprise and change the way professionals work. Since then, we’ve helped numerous clients across industries, including Amica Insurance, City Furniture and Japan Airlines, fuel their digital transformations with mobile. Today, we’re seeing an increasing number of companies interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enable their professionals to accomplish more than they ever thought possible at work, while equipping them with the tools to make better decisions.

To further advance businesses and industries and usher in a new era of mobile intelligence, Apple and IBM are combining our capabilities in machine learning, AI and cloud to bring to market two new offerings: IBM Watson Services for Core ML and the IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple.

Advancing AI and machine learning for business

IBM Watson Services for Core ML combines Apple’s on-device machine learning framework with IBM enterprise AI to provide real-time insights for professionals. With this new offering, available today, businesses can now build AI-powered apps that securely connect to their enterprise data, are optimized to run offline and on cloud and that continuously learn, adapt and improve through each user interaction. This new solution is simple to use and easy to develop on to power better decision-making for the professional.

IBM Watson is available as a set of cloud-based services for developers to build AI applications, and Core ML delivers advanced machine learning to apps on Apple devices. Together, these technologies can deliver faster, smarter insights with continuous learning capabilities, transforming AI for enterprise mobility.

When presented with this opportunity, the Coca-Cola Company quickly engaged. With AI as a key focus area and its emphasis on quality, Coca-Cola is currently partnering with IBM, working on prototypes for how IBM Watson Services may transform in-field capabilities. Initial functionalities being analyzed are custom visual recognition problem identification, cognitive diagnosis and augmented reality repair.

Improving the enterprise developer experience

There’s an increased demand on enterprise developers to build smarter apps that put critical information at the fingertips of employees. In order to deliver on this demand, developers need resources and tools to simplify and speed their work like never before.

The new IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple provides tools, including preconfigured starter kits, to simplify Swift development, along with AI, data and mobile services optimized for Swift. For example, we’re introducing IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Starter Kit to enable iOS developers to safeguard credentials, services and data using the IBM Cloud Hyper Protect services. This facilitates building enterprise apps on the IBM Cloud, and further complements the high level of security of Apple devices.

Through the console, developers can link to IBM Cloud to build apps that are easy to code, fast to deploy and can be seamlessly integrated to enterprise data. Developers can now use the new IBM Watson Services for Core ML to quickly build machine learning apps and connect them to IBM Cloud.

Now any Apple developer can build and deploy a secure, cloud-native app in minutes — fully functioning and provisioned, ready for customization and evolution across the business.

With these new capabilities, we’re making it easy for enterprises to apply and harness AI and machine learning, connecting professionals with the right information when it matters most. We can’t wait to see how leading enterprises will utilize this new era of mobile intelligence to transform their businesses and deliver superior customer experiences.

This originally appears on Mobile Insights Blog:  https://mobilebusinessinsights.com/2018/03/a-new-era-of-the-smart-enterprise/