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IBM Shares Its “Return to Workplace Playbook”

Since mid-March, more than 95 percent of IBM's global workforce has been working remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as some countries and regions around the world prepare to "reopen," IBM has developed a data-driven, evidence-based set of guidelines for returning to the workplace.

The document shared here—the “IBM Return to Workplace Playbook”—offers practical guidance to employees, partners and clients on IBM’s initial phases of returning to workplaces, when and where feasible.

IBM has adopted a phased approach in returning IBM employees to the workplace with evidence-based practices and policies meant to reduce the risks. IBM is applying one standard across the company: a globally consistent set of policies and standards that are based on public health guidance, including from the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and other government guidelines.

The “IBM Return to Workplace Playbook” includes return-to-workplace considerations for the first wave of employees to return to shared work settings. Timing for future waves of employees returning to their workplaces will be determined based on careful assessment of the health and policy landscape in specific locations.

This Playbook provides guiding principles and assumptions; guidelines for returning in three waves, beginning with employees in jobs best suited to on-site work settings in locations that meet rigorous criteria; workplace preparations and procedures for employers; preparations and processes to be followed by employees, clients and visitors; and a readiness checklist.

The Playbook is a working document and will adjust as conditions change and new practices and procedures become available.

→ Download the Return to Workplace Playbook