2020 IBM Fellows

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Nduwuisi Emuchay

IBM Distinguished Engineer with the Cloud Engagement Hub

When Nduwuisi Emuchay joined IBM 22 years ago as part of the DBMX Ltd. acquisition, he relocated from London to Austin, Texas. Since then, he has been guiding clients in both growth and mature markets through technology adoption and digital transformations. “I like to focus on the big picture, and on how we can help our clients realize their long-term objectives,’’ he says. “This process begins with listening to the client so that we can co-create a solution that maps to their specific needs.”

Ndu, as he likes to be known, holds a Master of Science degree in Architecture and also in Information Systems and Technology. “Both of my disciplines require forward-thinking vision, and an understanding of how things work,” he says. “And both achieve elegant and purposeful form and functionality when they are practiced with mastery.”

To that end, Ndu typically leads work incubating next-generation technologies and seeking “that point where our clients’ vision and our capabilities converge to form an innovative result.”  That level of immersive work with IBM’s clients and partners not only has led to solving some of their problems, but also has driven the design and development of repeatable solutions that have enabled better business outcomes and attracted new clients.

“A few years ago, I worked with one of Europe’s largest banks on a co-creation, design-thinking project to accelerate enterprise transformation and reduce risk. The goal was to demonstrate tangible long-term business value while also showing immediate and near-term results,” Ndu says. “We are known for our expertise in business transformation, design, research and IBM Garages. Working as one IBM, we transitioned our relationship with the bank from being solely an infrastructure management partner to being relied on as a holistic, across-the-board transformation partner.”

Engaging All Stakeholders

Breaking down silos was critical to the success of the engagement. “You have to clarify the objectives and develop a unified view of what you want to achieve,” Ndu says. “That involves engaging all stakeholders, and recognizing the pressures that each is facing to reduce internal frictions across the entire team.”  In the case of the European bank, that resulted in $50 million in business that eventually led to more than $700 million.

In his spare time, Ndu enjoys travel, architecture, watching Formula One racing, and sampling Austin’s rich arts, culture and music offerings.

Reflecting upon his appointment as an IBM Fellow, Ndu says “to become an IBM Fellow is to tell a story—a story of one’s own journey, but importantly the journeys of all those that enabled me to get better and who influenced my path. It is an honor to be considered and appointed an IBM Fellow. I want to thank my mentors and those I have had the opportunity to work closely with, and I hope that the story of my journey will be an inspiration to others.”

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