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IBM Named AI Patent Leader in First Ever Global Report

January 31, 2019

Today, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), released its first ever Technology Trends 2019 Artificial Intelligence report, naming IBM as the global leader in AI patent applications. 

In this report IBM is identified as having the largest portfolio of AI patent applications – with a number of innovations across a variety of AI-related areas, including natural language processing, speech processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Earlier this year, IBM was also named the leader in granted AI patents by the USTPO and IFI Claims Patent Service.

With more than 3,000 scientists around the world, IBM is continually pioneering the future of AI. Some examples of groundbreaking invention over the past year include:

  • Project Debater is a first-of-a-kind AI system from IBM Research that can debate humans on complex topics. IBM inventors patented an approach to use machine learning to identify evidence, such as relevant text segments in unstructured text data, which supports or opposes a claim or topic under consideration. This could help provide advancements in how machines and humans interact in conversation.
  • IBM inventors patented an intelligent system that could be used to identify, characterize, and monitor vertical temperature profiles and gradients, which affect marine life, in lakes and other aquatic ecosystems. Analytics combined with the IBM Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) mapping has helped IBM along with collaborators to engineer the world's smartest lake, Lake George. 
  • "Phishing" occurs when a person or computer system tries to obtain sensitive information from unknowing victims. Most recently, phishers have turned to voice phishing, or "vishing," in which unsuspecting victims are called directly and "vishers" use a voice over IP (VoIP) system to mask their identity. IBM has patented an AI system that could, with permission from the primary user, analyze conversation patterns between two parties in order to identify attempts by one of the parties to deceive the other. The system could send an alert message in real-time to warn a potential vishing victim and help company IT experts better prevent and manage computer and mobile security threats.

This groundbreaking work and the thousands of other breakthroughs represented in IBM's AI patents will help transform how we interact with AI to accomplish more than we ever thought possible in our daily work -- across every profession.

Learn more by reading the WIPO Technology Trends report.

Image Source: WIPO Technology Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence